Isolith - der Spezialist für Produkte und Systemlösungen für Wärme-, Schall- und Brandschutz

Products and system solutions
for thermal
insulation, noise
and fire protection

Function and quality in connection with sustainability

For more than 60 years in Straßwalchen/Salzburg we have been producing wood wool panels from natural raw materials: wood, water and cement. The raw materials cement and wood are mainly obtained regionally, but certainly from Austria. This not only strengtens the local economy, but also saves unnecessarily long transort routes. We only use PEFC-certified wood!

Decades of experience offer you security: Regardless of whether it is a question of proven standard products or innovative system solutions.


Reliable thermal, fire and sound insulation is an essential common denominator of Isolith insulation products. In addition to our permanent measures for quality assurance, all HWL-Isolith products are tested and certified.

Select an area of application:

For concreting

Reduce thermal bridging

Basement ceiling

Garage ceiling

Loft Floor


CEWOOD acoustic panels are a durable and natural material made of high-quality wood wool and cement. In the combination of fire resistance as well as good sound and heat insulation properties, the product offers the most diverse design solutions.

CEWOOD products


ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY – the material is produced in an environmentally friendly way

HEALTH – provides a people-friendly, pleasant environment

AESTHETICS – a variety of colors, textures and finishes

ACOUSTICS – excellent soundproofing and absorbing characteristics

HANDINESS – easy to transport and assemble

SAFETY – high performance indicators for fire protection (A2, B-s1, d0)

INSULATION – Excellent insulation characteristics