ISOLITH insulation materials against thermal bridges

A thermal bridge is an area in components of a building that conducts heat better than the adjacent components. As a result, the corresponding component (e.g. a ceiling grating or overlay) cools down faster and thus experiences a lower temperature than the surroundings. If the temperature falls below the dew point, the moisture contained in the room air condenses on the component. Due to the increased moisture in the material, molds tend to form on thermal bridges.

Wood wool Single-layer Board LP

Cement-bonded wood wool single-layer board according to EN 13168.

Multilayer Board MS-2

Cement-bonded wood wool double-layer board according to EN 13168 with EPS W15.

Multilayer Board MS-3

Cement-bonded wood wool tripple-layer board according to EN 13168 with EPS W15.

Ceiling formwork angle DAW

Prefabricated angle element.