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Durability of CEWOOD material proven by ball throwing tests

CEWOOD panels are a high-quality product made of wood wool, cement and water. They provide the acoustic comfort, good indoor microclimate, aesthetics, ensure the fire safety as well as the durability of the material and its easy installation. The panels are made of PEFC-certified wood using green energy.

CEWOOD panels are used in a wide range of buildings, from private homes to public buildings, industrial buildings and offices. We had noticed an increasing demand for the CEWOOD panels as well as their usability in sports facilities: on sports and tennis courts, Olympic centres, swimming pools and school gymnasiums. Therefore, it was important for us to test the durability of the material with the ball throwing test to substantiate our confidence in the resistance of the material under such specific conditions.

We are pleased to announce that the CEWOOD panels meet all the requirements and have successfully passed the ball impact resistance tests on wooden and metal substructures as well as inspection doors.

We believe that these tests prove that the material is of the highest quality and can be safely used in properties of various functionality including such stresses as in sports facilities.

We are confident that this proof of material durability will be another argument for architects, building developers and construction professionals to choose CEWOOD panels in their construction projects around the world.

CEWOOD Chairman

Ingars Ūdris