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CEWOOD acoustic panels are a durable and natural material made of high-quality wood wool and cement.
Combining fire resistance with good sound and thermal insulation properties, the product offers a wide variety of design solutions.
Acoustic panels are widely used in the interior design of public and residential buildings, they are environmentally friendly and harmless to health.
The panels are very suitable for wall cladding and suspended ceiling constructions. Due to their natural composition and excellent properties, the panels are often used in rooms with increased noise pollution where sound insulation and sound absorption are important. The panels do not change their properties in rooms with increased humidity, absorb the excess humidity and ensure a pleasant microclimate, typical of rooms with wood panelling.
For ceiling finishing, 15, 25 and 35 mm thick boards made of 1.5 and 1 mm thick wood wool are used. The quality of all CEWOOD materials complies with the requirements of EN 13168.